Reid: Finally

Robotic beings rule the world? Well, I wouldn’t go that far, but I would say that the way our technology advances yes I do believe robots can become apart of the future. Reading this article I found it interesting to think about and read about if machines could be human-like? and can humans become machine-like? After reading this in my opinion I do believe machines or robots can possess human-like feelings and actions. However, I do not think humans can become more machine-like. Unless depending on what Reid meant in this article if humans could mentally or physically become more machine-like. I do believe that humans could become more machine-like physically. With new inventions or mechanical things.  I don’t really believe humans can become machines mentally, however, unless something is implanted in humans to become genetically mechanical. Machines or robots however ever could be capable of human-like qualities with our technology learning the human way. They probably won’t ever actually be able to be 100% human but with the right tools and technology being given the machines could probably come close to it. At the end of the article, Reid stated: “I would not worry about humans becoming robots”.  I agree I think it’s more possible for robots to become more human than it is humans becoming robots.  Because I think the human mind and physical aspects are more complicated.


finally, robotic beings rule the world



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